Wednesday, October 09, 2013

My first time motherhood experience

Hi i'm Laarnie a expat mom who is currently staying in France , a Wife and a proud mom to a little boy Elijah Axel. My Blog is all about my journey to travel around the world and to share my Experience as a Mom and a wife.

Last November of 2009 it was the time that we knew we’ll be expecting our first baby. The feeling of excitement is indescribable but yet a lot of worries and fear came into my mind for some different reasons. Good thing my then boyfriend(my husband) stood by me.
My husband wanted a baby boy however I prefer a baby girl for the reason that I never had a sister as I’m the only daughter in our family. While my husband wanted a baby boy for the reason that eldest is responsible for guiding siblings second to parents, and boys is more commonly have strong-willed than girls.  But nevertheless boy or girl for us it really doesn’t matter.  
During my 5th month of pregnancy I had an ultra sound and my doctor told me that we’ll be expecting a baby girl.  I was very glad and happy upon hearing from our doctor about the good news so as my husband. 
However on the 8th month I went back to my doctor and had another ultra sound with my husband and to my surprised my doctor told us that our baby is a boy and not a girl. So our doctor committed a mistake during the first ultra sound. 
Good thing that we had not yet buy a lot of baby stuffs because I was already thinking to buy all the baby girl stuffs with all pink colors. 


The delivery day and the present...

When the delivery day finally came, it was really a painful labor and took me the whole day because my cervix was still in eight centimeters which it was supposed to reached in 10 centimeters for delivery to takes place.
This made my doctor to advised us to have a caesarian section due to my baby is big. So my doctor conduct the caesarian  section until finally I hear my baby cries and I really felt blessed.  
My doctor weighs my baby and found that he is 8.2 pounds. And the official time of delivery is 7:03 PM of July 18, 2010. 
Here is my little Angel on his birth day Elijah Axel De Guzman.
On his 1st month, so playful.
And here on his  5th Month, starting to sit.
Here on his 8th month.
On his 11th month onwards and starting to walk.

Here's a video of Axel learning to walk. 

And to current date today, on his 1 year and 10 months and will be turning 2 years old this July 18.

As a first time mother..

Being a full-time mother is really priceless  as my only payment is pure love. I learned that having a baby is one of the most wonderful thing to happen in my life and it was also the point both my husband and I learned to appreciate our parents.
Are you a first time mom? What is your experiences on your first born child?  If you have, can you share on the comment section.  


  1. Hi! I'm Barbara! I've found you thanks to mom blogger club! I'm following you!
    If you wanto to follow back, my blog is:

    1. Thanks for the add , visit and followed you :)

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  2. Your baby is so cute! I have my doubts about motherhood because I know it's a very difficult phase in a woman's life. I'm not sure if I will be able to handle it well. You are inspiring!

    1. yes dear, being a mom is not easy.. you really need patience and understanding but seeing my baby happy makes my heart melt :)

  3. Your baby is absolutely ADORABLE!!! I'd been on a string of weeks that I finally said that I did not want children, but this really made me changed my mind! My mom thought I was going to be a boy and turned I was a girl!

    1. haha that was funny dear , having a child is really a blessing :) and you know that they love you unconditionally :)

  4. awww lovely post love!!! being a mother can be a lot of work but it is truly a blessing!
    you're an awesome mom! i can tell hehe!

  5. Motherhood was quite a journey for you and it must feel better everyday as you see your baby grow up.

  6. Hi, I had fun reading your post. I always enjoy visiting mommy blogger sites. :)
    Axel is so adorable. God Bless you and your family.

  7. Love the photos - I can see the resemblance of the baby with yours. :) It's tough being a mother and the journey is not easy too - but as long as you are committed and passionate about it - everything will work out well.

  8. Having a baby is really a wonderful thing. You just cannot explain the overflowing love and emotion. Your baby is so adorable, Laarnie

  9. your baby is adorable! I just started following you(:

    & Thanks for following me <3

  10. It is so nice that you were able to capture every moment of your son and I hope you were also able to make a "my life" scrapbook for him because that will be a great hard form of memories in our today's digital world or maybe a photo book for him to save all those precious memories - I am not able to comment about parenting because I am still single so that is the piece of comment I can share with you - Daddy and Son are so adorable and the Mom would be the only pretty woman they can have.

  11. Kids grow up so fast indeed.. Just trust your instinct and you will do just fine.

  12. He's so cute. You were lucky that you still didn't buy clothes before your second ultrasound.

  13. Motherhood is a gift. I'm glad you are enjoying it.

  14. The first baby is always special.. Too bad I wasn't able to get my second or third kid.

  15. Motherhood is the the most difficult yet the most beautiful world can live at and I can see how you are enjoying this phase of your life just like every mother out there including me :)

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