Thursday, October 17, 2013

Trip to Universal Studio Singapore and Singapore Zoo

I'm here to share my experience in Famous Universal Studio Singapore , Last year When my husband Decided to bring me in singapore together with him he planned to visit Universal Studio Singapore.


                                                         Posing in front of Universal Globe!


Far Far away , inside they have movie stars and talking donkeys , its a 4D Adventure i really enjoy the
                                                                  4D effect :)

You can also saw 3 girls dancing , they are so pretty and got really nice voice and looks like barbie!

Revenge of the Mummy , inside they have a high speed roller coaster and we did try it out and it   was really scary , all you can see is all black! people who has a heart failure can't enjoy this ride.

                                                              And the Roller Coaster!


                                                         The Lost World , Jurassic Park.

Singapore Zoo

After a long tiring days , we really had a great time By the way while we are heading to exit i saw this. Saying Bye, so Creepy right!!


  1. wow the country is so nice. i wish i was there

    1. try to visit singapore such a nice place..

  2. Very nice pictures,that is majestic part of world and you are lucky person....thanks 4 wonderful pictures!

  3. I love this trip! I went to the one in L.A. and the Universial studio's are so much fun :) brings back a lot of memories!

    1. yes , it was a memorable experience i got thanks for visiting...

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