Saturday, December 07, 2013

Trip To Paris France

Last November one my family decided to visit paris for holiday, the city of lights. Paris is known for variety of Museums, Theatres, Monuments and Architectural styles. Many of its Masterpieces such as the louvre and the Arc de Triomphe are iconic buildings,especially it's internationally recognized symbol, the Eiffel Tower.

Hotel De Ville

While we are walking we saw this building and admire the architecture its very beautiful. Theres a figures for men and dates indicated.

Pont De l'Archeveche (Love Bridge)

This Love bridge  a padlock which sweethearts lock their  padlock to a bridge, fence. Its symbolize your love with one another and its key is thrown away to symbolise unbreakable love. I really do not know if it's really true or not but we give it a try :)

                                                                  our Padlock in the right side

Notre Dame Cathedral

The Cathedral is widely considered to be one of the finest examples of french Gothic Architecture and among the largest and most well-known church buildings in the world. While entering inside you can see the sign that you cannot take photos inside but many tourist still take photos just turn off the flush, wear a hats. It is free to get in and the architecture is really outstanding.

                                                                     Inside Of Cathedral

               Outside Of Cathedral There is a man who is feeding the birds and you can ask him to do the                                                       feeding and it's up to you how much you want to gave

Eiffel Tower

The Famous Eiffel Tower has the three levels for visitor and the tickets you can purchased to ascend, by stairs or lift (elevator), to the first and second levels. But we Book ahead online for us not to queuing when we arrived there is a lot of people falling in line to go up in the eiffel even though the whether is not good  , there is a restaurant around first ans second floor and a souvenir items, at night the tower had more beauty the light show it's a must see!

                                                                     Light Show

Louvre Pyramid

This Pyramid surrounded by a large glass and a metal and there is small pyramids in the courtyard. The big pyramid is serve as a entrance to museum too bad we didn't got the chance to go inside where you can find paintings, sculptures, egyptians and the famous Mona Lisa.

We also visited DisneyLand . it's our little boy day! There are two park which is the DisneyLand Park and Walt Disney Studios Park it takes two days for us to go around and take the rides. Obviously our little boy enjoys a lot. Seeing him happy was really makes our heart Happy. Priceless!

Tips In Visiting Paris (Base on our Experience)

Found Ring

If Someone walking in front of you will "find" a gold ring on the ground and pick it up, with a look of surprise. They will show it to you then ask a money. Better to go away immediately and ignore. Believe me we experience it. The Nerve!


When we visited love bridge, there is this guy who pulled us and tell that our boy is cute and he want to draw him , we are telling this guy that we are not interested but he insists so as a tourist we give him a chance so after that he asks us to pay him and gosh it's so expensive for his drawing not worth the price. We tell him that we need to get some cash and he agrees it.So we decided not to go back and pay. So beware if this.


Although some mainstream organizations send young people into the street to get folks to sign petitions and ask for money to aid valid humanitarian causes, there are teams of young girls and boys with clipboard, clamoring for you to sign something. Often they are for organizations claim to help the blind or deaf. They will ask you '' Do You Speak English'' But too bad we donate money it's too late for us to realize it, This girl is really annoying.

Anyweis we still enjoy our Trip , Do you have some experience and paris trip to share? Comment below and love to read it.



  1. great photos! How I wish I can visit paris soon :)))

  2. you must visit , its very nice place .. thanks for dropping..

  3. Love the angle of the Louvre pictures which are shot to include the sky. They are so pretty! Really hope to visit France one day.

    1. the weather is not good the time we visit , try to visit their in summer the clouds are very beautiful too bad we visited it in winter.. thanks

  4. wow! awesome pictures :D i've always wanted to travel to europe :) hopefully one day! xoxo

    1. same here then my hubby make my dream come true lol.. you must go :)

  5. Yay, Paris! Like most girls, I'm also dreaming of visiting Paris someday.

  6. I spent 17 days in Paris 10 years ago and I'm planning to return to Paris next year as I really love the place because of its tourist friendly attractions.

    1. nice! go in summer sir the sky are very nice too bad we are there in winter ..

  7. Love the post! Seems like you had an awesome trip! :D

  8. Wow! Paris Trip. You have great photos. It feels like I was also in the tour.

  9. Lucky you > to be in Paris and your son is so cute , i am sure you enjoyed the time there.

  10. I remember the last clips from the movie Look Closely, the protagonist placed a padlock at the Pont De l'Archeveche (Love Bridge). Great pictures!

  11. You're so lucky! I wanna go to Paris too (and I want to be a travel blogger). I hope that dream comes true sooner than later. ^^ Thanks for sharing your trip! :)

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