Sunday, December 15, 2013

Review: Garnier Pure Active Intensive Anti Spot Exfoliating Scrub

Today I am gonna review a Garnier Facial Product, I bought this because sadly i cannot find the product here in france that lately i am using which is the Nivea Facial wash that i totally love. While searching in Supermarket i saw this Garnier Facial Product the Pure Active Intensive Anti Spot Exfoliating Scrub. Actually im not new in garnier products it is one of my trusted brand especially in my face because i really have a sensitive skin.

I already try their Garnier creme way back in my college days and it really give me a very good result. Ok back in the product , This deep pore wash is a bluish with small dark blue beads in it This facial wash contains salicylic acid which literally a spot prone skin miracle worker.

Is Garnier Pure Active Intensive Anti-Spot Exfoliating Scrub right for you?

Yes, if your skin is prone to blackheads and spots and you want instant effective action to help clear them.if  you want to help protect against their re-appearance and help fade imperfection marks.

Why is it different?

its creamy formula delivers a double anti-spot and anti-marks action

1. The concentrated formula. enriched with a well-known anti-bacterial ingredient and powerful micro-beads,which helps clear spots and blackhead.

2. It is intense scrubbing properties and enriched with a naturally derived active of blueberry. it helps fade imperfection marks.

Pros of Garnier Pure Active Face Wash 

Comes in super handy tube with flip cap. it is light bluish gel lathered up really nicely on my face and i felt cooling at the same time. 

Its left my skin feeling really soft and all my spots feeling soothed after the first use. My skin felt clean and fresh 
It smells strong peppermint due to monthol. Good to use especially in summer to cleanse out the sweaty skin. 
Does not makes my face dry after the wash. 

The mint is very strong and smell.   
After a week using this i can notice that my spot lightens and my blackhead is less visible I cannot say in marks because i don't have any pimple marks in my face just a black spot and blackheads and it really exfoliate my skin. This facial scrub lasted almost a month for me and now i'm planning to purchased it again. Obviously Garnier product  did not  disappoint me again , Im happy with the result. By the way sorry about the product language it's in french. 



  1. Blackheads can be annoying so garnier pure active can really help in solving that problem.

  2. Garnier really is a nice product :) I like their facial wash and the under eye roll-on :)

    1. absolutely , but the eye roll on i still didn't try it.. :)

  3. I personally love garnier eye roll-on. I must try that one! :)

    1. i want to try the eye roll on.. theres a lot nice review . thanks

  4. This is a great product for pimple-oily prone skin like mine but when i used like 3 bottles already i think i changed to another product because my skin began to be more sensitive, great review :D

  5. I love trying new products. I have to switch it up at times because my face will get used to it. Just like I switch out my shampoos.

  6. I have purchased a lot of Garnier products before and they never disappoint. I'm always loving them and amazed by the results. I have yet to try this tho, pero I'm sure I'lll like it din :) Thanks for the review Laarnie :)

  7. Pimples on my cheeks have gotten worse. Donno if its related to my hormones or this product just isn't for my skin :( So disappointed.

  8. I like Garnier products except for their whitening eye roll-on.
    ~Pauline @Kallony

  9. I recently bought this same item and its in french please help know how to use it.


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