Monday, January 27, 2014

Gerry's Grill Restaurant (Singapore)

Settle or go abroad is one of filipino's dream Either you agree with it or not and I'm one of those filipino dreaming of it. The advantage that the other countries you will experience the culture and how they get along with other race specially food , based on my experience food in Singapore, Thailand and France are really delicious cuisine but as a filipino still we are looking for a ''panlasang pinoy'' filipino cuisine. In singapore many Filipino foods and restaurants that you can find. One of the Filipino restaurants I visited is the "gerry's grill'' this restaurant are popular in manila for broiled, grilled on charcoal and dishes ordered as bar chow, here the meat is grilled on a gas grill. gerry's grill is located at Somerset MRT station and you need to take a little walk from the station to Starhub Centre.So me and my husband ordered our favorite food cuisine.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Sentosa Island Singapore ( It's my Birthday )

Last December 29 2013 was my 26 birthday and suddenly i remembered my last year birthday How hubby surprise me to go in Sentosa Island Singapore that day was very memorable to me i really enjoy a lot , well hubby knows how to make me happy, I'm here to share the beautiful place of Sentosa Island Singapore .

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Monday, January 13, 2014

La Ciotat France.

Last year of 2012 my husband got an offer by his company to be relocated to other Research and development branch in France as part of the company's program for developing personnel's knowledge in different product solutions. When my husband inform of this good news I was very happy for this is an opportunity for us to experienced a different environment, culture and perspective. Honestly, I was actually praying for a different environment and gladly God granted, I'm very grateful.

La Ciotat is a Provence region in southern France and it is a part of the metropolitan area of Marseilles Provence which located in the east of Marseilles. When we arrived we stayed in a hotel named Park and suites temporarily while we are finding an apartment unit for us to stay. Luckily within 2 weeks we got our own apartment which is located at the center of the town where the market, shopping stores and cinema is just a walk by. The Cinema Lumiere, was one of the oldest cinema in the history and was actually built by Lumiere brothers Auguste and Luis Nicolas the earliest filmmaker in the history of movie industry.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

DIY Simple Makeup Organizer Box

Today i just want to share this diy Makeup Organiser using your old box, I just thought why spend money if you can make your own makeup organiser box specially a recycled one right? The good thing with this is you can customise the division on how much space you want it. By the way i come up with this because all my makeup are so messy and my husband starts to complain with it lol. Here I'm using my son's diaper box. 

Materials you needed are the following:

  • Box 
  • Magazine ( if you want to have some design or colour)
  • Scissor
  • Pen
  • Glue


  • First thing you do is to cut the flaps sides of the box , don't throw it away because later on you'll gonna use it.
  • Cut the front part because you want it to be shorter than the others to see all your makeups.
  • Draw a line in the side box and cut it out, then put the divider the one you cut it in the sides of the box , you can wrap it with magazine or anything you prefer. 
  • Wrap a white colour or anything colour you like inside of the box.
  • Then wrap the box with magazine , Just be Creative.
  • Put a glue in you divider so that it will not move.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

My 30 Seconds Ombre Lips

Do you heard about this ombre lips , People Notice this ''Ombre '' when Kim Kardashian wear this kind of look then soon this lip look popping everywhere. So Last New Year i wear this kind of lip look and its very easy to do here is my 30 seconds Ombre Lips.You can use Lip Liner so the Lipstick can last longer , In this Ombre Lips I'll be using Light Pink Lipstick and Red Lipstick.
  • Apply a Foundation or concealer in your lips so that you can easily put a lip liner.

  • Apply the Pink Lips stick in your entire lips. 

  • Apply the Dark Red Lipstick on the outer corner of your Lips or wherever you want the dark shade at, Then just Blend the two Lipstick by rubbing your lips together.