Thursday, February 27, 2014

Jurong Bird park Singapore

Today i want to share my experience with you guys visiting the jurong bird park in Singapore. Jurong bird park is one of the tourist attractions in Singapore its located in BoonLay Planning area of the jurong. Personally i really enjoy the park they have several kinds of birds like Bali mynah,cockatoo,crowned crane and owls they also have a different kinds of penguins, swan and flamingos. While heading to our destination we ride a MRT to Boon Lay Station (EW27), then take SBS Transit bus 194 or 251. In the entrance you will saw a big image of Jurong Bird Park its really beautiful so i take a photo with me.

While entering to the entrance you''ll. gonna saw first the penguin coast area.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

SuperPlayboy Eau De Toilette For Her Perfume

I'm here to give a quick review of a Playboy Perfume Play it Lovely, the Super Playboy Eau de toilette spray for her.  I admitt that When it comes to perfume I am so picky so no matter how expensive or popular is it if I do not love the smell i dont really in to it. 

50ml e 1.7 fl oz

Thursday, February 20, 2014

My Thursday Accessories Haul- Winter Sale

Hi everyone! i'm giving you a quick review for my Thursday Haul so i am excited to share with you guys what i bought today, by the way its 70% discount here i France so its a winter 2014 sales it Begins on january and end of february, i went to a MOA Accessories Paris this store is a French Fashion Accessories Designer in France and Internationally. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Review: L'oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara

I think every woman is dreaming of Long eyelashes so whenever i saw a woman having this naturally long eyelashes i really get jealous and wishing i have does natural eyelash. Last saturday while visiting a mall i saw these l'oreal mascara brand the volume million lashes ohh sounds great right specially does girls aiming for longer and fuller lashes so i bought these product and give it a try.These mascara cost 14 euro that was 784 pesos(Philippines) wow this mascara is so expensive that's why i'm expecting to give me that satisfaction. So here is my thought L'oreal Volume Millions Mascara comes with a black and gold tube which gives a classy look, i like the packaging the brush is amazing and the wiper inside ensures that the brush does not pick up excess product the brush has a lots of tiny plastic bristles that gives volumes and lenght. But i notice that these mascara dries quickly upon applying though not that quick that you can't manage it. i love these mascara it does not dissapoint me at all. Out of all mascara i've tried these is the only one that give me this effect but this mascara is not waterproof.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Chocolate Cupcake

Happy Valentines Everyone!

Last week i was thinking what to give to my two boys in Valentine's Day i can't even think of something to buy for them that's why i decided to bake a chocolate heart cupcake for them, besides they love chocolate cupcake specially my little boy. So i'm here to share with you guys my homemade chocolate cupcake . Lets start.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Review: Maybelline Super Stay 24hr Concealer

I'm a huge fan of concealer, its definitely one of my ''can't live without products''. It's like this magic potion that makes my dark under eye,my blemish,the dark spots disappear. i'm not use to wear a makeups everyday when i go out i just used a brow pencil,concealer,face powder,blush on and a lipgloss and i'm ready to go i really prefer to have a natural look but not pale at all so while visiting a drugstore i saw these maybelline super stay 24hr and give it a try, after using in a months the product really stands up as being a long wearing's a thick,creamy consistency i just notice it dry really fast while putting it on so you need to blend it right away and because of its thick consistency, Maybelline's superstay 24hr concealer also has a great coverage and when dotted on a blemish and blended covers really well. These product has only 2 shades the light and the medium. 

Monday, February 03, 2014

My Top 10 Favorite iPhone Application

Do you have a favorite apps in you're phone that you love the most? Except does application that is ''Popular'' such a Facebook ,Instagram,Skype and Twitter i think in this modern world all people has these kind of application in their phone what i mean is other than does popular apps , what other else that can entertain and useful for your daily activities? So i decided to share my favourite apps that really entertain me and very useful for my everyday use , These are the apps that i can't leave without. 

1. Flipboard

i love these application because it is a personalise miniature magazine for your all social networking such a Facebook,twitter,google+ site and content, It takes stories from around the web and it reformats them into a little pages which is for me it is really nice and you can flip through by swiping up and down and it is free in apple store.