Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Tuesday Favorites

Hi lovelies! how was your weekdays? mine i was so busy because my little boy already starts his schooling here in france and i was very excited the nursery here is ''ecole maternelle'' nursery.Now its his 4 days already so far so good but he starts to sing a french song and we can't understand it lol we are just lucky that the principal of the school knows how to speak english and she really helps us to understand all of the things that we need to know in the school.Anyways Today i want to share my Favorites.

1. Starts with the lippies recently i purchased these rimmel lasting finish (Pink Blush)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Review: Electric Facial Brush Sonic Clean

Hi guys, I am here to give my thoughts about the Electric Facial Wash. Lately I've been getting pimples in my face I'm breaking out I use to have good skin I did not have a lot of pimples like what I do now maybe just one or two and if I had my period, I'm thinking that lately I don't really wash or clean my face properly because of tiredness especially I'm putting some make up on. My friend owns these electric facial washes and she has a flawless face so she told me to buy one because it totally clean your face.

At first I'm not sure if i really need to buy or is it really worth to own one but for the sake of having a clean and pimple free face so i give it a try. Ok i bought a electric facial wash a Sonic Clean its cost 39.75 euro and i bought the cheapest in all electric facial wash i saw the other are so expensive the philips brand it cost 127.75 euro it is really expensive. 

Monday, March 03, 2014

My Weekend Recount

Hi Guys, how was your weekend? Mine was great yesterday is my husband's birthday so last Saturday I decided to bake a Chocolate Cake for himI Already bought some ingredients last Friday together with my little boy while even though the weather is not good It is almost one week it is really annoying! But I'm still glad that the weather on weekend was really good awesome!  I always told my husband that '' When you're in a cold country, that is the time you will appreciate the sun'' indeed true.

So while where in the mall I saw these Chanel Perfume was in sale gosh until now France is still on sale last weekdays I promise that I will not buy anything or go shopping those sales makes me weak (aha) but thanks to my hubby for giving me some advice and saying that I still have perfumes why will I buy One so,I didn't buy, yesterday was his birthday we decided  to visit Marseille France by the way,its a 30 minutes away from where we leave so we just ride by a car.

First thing we visit is the Giant Ferris wheel located at the port of Marseille the place was indeed beautiful. There were many people that day family,couple riding. I saw this one guy beside of the ferris wheel who is painting was beautiful he is really good French people really love to paint and the paintings cost $$$$ really expensive.