Friday, April 18, 2014

Axel's Holiday Break (La ciotat Park)

Hi guys, its been a while since i posted a parenting blog anyways how was your holiday going? my holiday so far is great because my son has no school and we are able to visit park together with my husband even though its was very cold and on sunday I am planning to make some easter eggs and dye them together with my little boy and decorate them with some glitter stuff and i was planning to make a ''DIY Easter Egg Nail Art''and I will be sharing it here.

We are lucky that he was able to get along with his classmate despite he can't still talk french but the principal told us that after 2-3 months axel will be able to speak french so that was a relief for us, by the way the principal of the school was very approachable and she can speak english thats why i was not that too hard to communicate with her. So Here are the photos of my son enjoying his holiday break.
 My boy was very excited and happy to explore his scooter. Entrance of the park.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Review: Benefit Primping with the Stars

Hi guys, I am here to give a quick review of Primping with the Stars by: Benefits yesterday is my rest day so i was able to visit Sephora together with my Little Boy and bought these stuff i heard a lot of good reviews about the product specially their Pore minimizer.

Benefit Primping with the Stars (32 euro) is one of three new All-Star Instant Beauty Kits that the brand is launching this January at Sephora which includes essentials for lips, cheeks, and eyes.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Product Review: Zumba Fitness Exhilarate DVD Set.

I remember hearing from my friend after she give birth she told me about these Zumba dance and I was really curious about it and there is a time she invite me to try and it really burns calories.

So last Saturday my husband saw this Zumba fitness exhilarate DVD set because he knows I love Zumba and  I'm just watching it in you tube. I bought these Zumba DVD set around 50 euro it's quite expensive but it really worth the price.