Monday, June 02, 2014

Cassis France: Summer Weekend

Its been a while since my last post about travel and lately i was very busy and stress so me and my family decided to go in Cassis France. It is one of a popular tourist destination in frankest known famous for its cliffs (falaises) and the sheltered inlets called calanques
June is here so summer is very near the weather is good, So while visiting Cassis there's a lot of people last sunday and we had a hard time to find a parking area because some road is already close due to many tourist are visiting the place, After a 30 minutes i guess we already find were to park our car that was really a relief for us.

First thing we visit in Cassis was the beautiful Port with boats and restaurant around it, it was very beautiful and there is a tourist boat where you can ride to tour around the beautiful beaches of cassis. Here are some of my photos to share while visiting the area.