Monday, April 13, 2015

Monaco Visit (Easter Monday)

Hi Loves! Lately i was so busy and forget to update my blog and Share Places that I've been visited. So now I'm here to share with you guys the place that me and my family visited this month, its already spring (yes!!) and the weather was so perfect to explore places here in Europe.

Last Week me and my hubby was planning to visit Monaco and celebrate our easter Sunday there and its just 48 minutes driving without traffic in our place (Antibes).We Visited some of Tourist Spot and i was very amaze with the place, For those who love high -end shopping or at least window shopping Monte Carlo was the most exclusive shopping location in the world. Here are the places that we visited. 

Oceanographic Museum

if you have kids and love to know about marine science this place is perfect for them it is very educational. You have 3 floors to explore the basement is the Aquarium which you can see different fishes on the second and third floor there is a big collection of marine fauna.